Harmony Relaxing Plant Tonic

Mix yourself a cup full of calm.
The key to good health and flowing energy is the ability to relax. And we mean really relax. Stress and tension can make it hard to find your Zen, but HARMONY Relaxing Plant Tonic knows just where to find it. Inspired by ancient Chinese wisdom, this soothing, aromatic blend of fruits and herbs supports your body's ability to truly rest, recharge and restore.
Dairy Free
No Artificial Sweeteners
Gluten Free
Soy Free
(11 customer reviews)



Apple | quencher of thirst, giver of hydration
Pomegranate  | mellows out your blood sugar
Lemon | tangy taste that does double duty with digestion
Jujube Date  | evens out your body’s vital energy
Schisandra Berry | stress-fighter extraordinaire
Cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger | warm and calming, like a hug
Licorice Root | all-around harmonizer


“I liked the spicy apple scent. It mixed well.”


“Tastes clean and citrusy to me”


“Felt a lot like drinking apple cider, in a good way.”


“Good flavor, would be good warm like a tea - reminds me of cider; slightly tangy finish that I liked”


“It had a nice mixture of sweet and tangy”

11 reviews for Harmony Relaxing Plant Tonic

  1. Ziqiang

    This drink is very relaxing. It is great to have in the evening.

  2. Jennifer Bowen

    I am excited to try Harmony!!! I ordered it but then took the quiz afterwards and it matched me right to it. I can’t wait…I’m so excited!!

  3. Destinie M Bryant

    Received a free sample of Harmony and will be buying some ASAP. Love this stuff.

  4. Miranda

    I received a free sample of this relaxing plant tonic and loved it! I enjoyed it hot, a nice alternative to the tea I usually drink. It took a bit longer to stir in the powder, but I loved the taste/end result. A great product!!

  5. Jamie

    I applied and received a free sample of the Harmony for free. This was my first time trying anything like this or anything by Plants By People. I was actually surprised by the taste and I really liked it. It smells of apple and cinnamon but the taste is mild and not a spicy apple taste. It was very easy to mix and the instructions are very simple. I enjoyed the taste and after drinking the Harmony I did feel more relaxed which is what I wanted and was looking for. Something to relax me, that is exactly what I need so I could get better sleep. Def would recommend to anyone to try especially if you have a hard time unwinding from your day. Like most of us do.

  6. Lorna Hubbard

    I liked it, it was like warm apple cider very good!

  7. Michael Tobin

    I was impressed with tha taste, naturally good on the taste buds…if the taste of harmony is any indication on how the rest of them taste u got sum winners on ur hands…try the harmony u wont b disappointed,try em all for that matter…keep up the good work guys

  8. Johanna

    This blend was delicious! It was so nice to sip during a stressful work day.

  9. Amber

    Loved the taste 😋

  10. anita

    This was great! Tasted like apple cider. The packages are great for travel too.

  11. Jenny

    I received a sample packet of Harmony. I added hot water to increase the relaxation effect. It had a nice apple cider taste and it was a nice alternative to my evening tea!

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