Glow Nourishing Plant Tonic

Do right by your body.
At our very best we feel balanced, steady, and ready to take on the world. And to maintain this level of well-being, we must nourish our bodies. That's the inspiration behind GLOW, a deliciously crisp and slightly tart blend of fruits and botanicals known since ancient times to support digestion and promote circulation.
Dairy Free
No Artificial Sweeteners
Gluten Free
Soy Free
(3 customer reviews)


Papaya and tart apples | digestive powerhouses
Raspberries | full of antioxidants
Jujube Date | stimulates your body’s vital energy
Licorice Root
| helps make your energy last
Ginger | gets that blood and your Qi flowing


“Taste good and natural and light”


“I like the way it tastes. I also like the name”


“I loved this one!! The flavor was right on and it was so easy to drink. It was gone immediately”


“This tonic had mellow flavors that were refreshing.”

3 reviews for Glow Nourishing Plant Tonic

  1. Theo

    I love the raspberry flavor. What a delicious drink!

  2. Jill Edwards

    I like trying new things & this was a great choice. The raspberry flavor was really good & it did put a little pep in my step!!

  3. Ashwin

    Love this! This tasted so good and I love drinking it

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