Bloom Awakening Plant Tonic

Morning people aren't born, they're made.
When we feel energized and alert, we feel like we can do anything. BLOOM Awakening Plant Tonic is the perfect mixture of age-old wisdom and organic fruits and spices that come together to give you a delicious, fruity boost. Sip BLOOM instead of your morning coffee or anytime your inner sunshine is running a little low. Contains about 40mg of caffeine per serving.
Dairy Free
No Artificial Sweeteners
Gluten Free
Soy Free
(7 customer reviews)


Cherry and Goji Berry  | energizing and then some
Apple  | your foundation for hydration
Lemon  | digestion’s tart little friend
Jujube Date  | a wake up call for your Qi
Ginger  | helps get your circulation circulating
Licorice Root  | leading the way to inner balance
Green Tea  | puts a little pep in your step


“This flavor was the best so far. I felt good after drinking it. Stopped feeling drowsy while working.”


“Loved the tartness, taste. Yummy.”


“It had a little bit of a tea flavored undertone I liked.”

7 reviews for Bloom Awakening Plant Tonic

  1. James

    Great substitute for coffee in the morning!

  2. Kyle (verified owner)

    Really fantastic. The blend easily mixes, and provides a light boost of caffeine. I just loved the vibrant taste of cherry and goji. With five sachets, it was easy to prepare and share with my friends before our Saturday morning hiking trip.

  3. Latasha Davis

    Bloom Awakening Plant Tonic! This was just what I needed. I am not a morning person, this tonic gave me the boost I needed! I can’t wait to try the other tonics!

  4. Chi

    Great ingredients you can feel good about!

  5. emily mendez

    Very light and fruity, refreshing!

  6. Melissa

    I suffer from idiopathic hypersomnia so I am always tired during the day and am constantly looking for natural ways to alleviate my symptoms. This blend has an amazing cherry flavor, has clean ingredients, and provided me with the energy I needed to start my day.

  7. Captain Sample

    Day 3 of Covid called for a healthy way to pick me up. Enter the Bloom awakening tonic.

    It was just what I needed. I may be under quarantine, but I still had (school) work to get done and deadlines to meet. This little fruit powered drink got me moving. It had a tart, fruity flavor and the hotness of the water (my choice for consumption) helped soothe my throat and open up my airways.

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